Fueling Economic Success

Reliable information, e.g. on production, capacity utilisation and sales, is the basis for business decisions and fuels economic success. We provide information for associations and interest groups and collect data, strictly preserving the anonymity of all firms concerned. Another facet of our services includes assistance in establishing quality standards for particular industries on a Pan-European scale.

Specifically this means:

1. Managing and administering Swiss and international trade and professional associations, societies, non-profit organisations

Our activities:

2. Collecting, processing and analysing market data, presenting market statistics

A few examples:
  • Annual statistics for European or
    global industrial associations
  • Monthly and quarterly statistics on sales,
    commodity markets, exports, imports etc.
  • Capacity surveys
  • Salary surveys
  • Industry-specific surveys, such as field expenses
  • Benchmarking
  • Periodical on-site audits of figures
    reported by statistics participants

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